A Plumbing Miracle

Yesterday I experienced a small miracle.  As Christians, we say that miracles happen every day.  Sometimes they’re miracles on a monumental scale – the healing of someone chronically ill.  Sometimes they’re minuscule miracles, smaller but no less acts of God than anything else.

Yesterday, God gave me a gift in the form of a plumbing issue at my school.  A plumbing issue so in need of attention that school is cancelled today, giving us all an unexpected, but very much appreciated, day off.  I think most teachers appreciate it, at least, though I wonder if any appreciate it quite as much as I do.

You see, I feel as if this particular incident was gifted to me personally.  It’s been “one of those weeks” in every possible imagination of the phrase.  And Thursday afternoon, just as I made up my mind to skip work on Friday because I just *couldn’t,* the announcement was made.  Believe what you want: I believe this particular calamity was meant for me.  It’s a plumbing miracle.  And I know my miracle is someone else’s problem, headache, misery, but that’s a deeper discussion for another day.

For now, I praise God for clogged toilets, students flushing tampons, or whatever else caused the problem.


I’d love to hear your experiences with perfect timing and small miracles that you know were “meant for you.”


From my couch, sipping tea, snuggling my dog, I wish you a happy weekend!

<3, Kylie

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